Hi there! I’m Glenda Bishop. A Registered Nutritionist, personal trainer, wellbeing coach and neuroscientist, who believes that healthy can be easy.


If you’re tired of the gimmicks and ready to discover a practical approach to making healthier choices, Healthy Stories is for you.

Here’s what other people have to say:

Glenda’s qualifications and experience give her a level of insight far greater than most. She is able to approach issues with varying perspectives that help individual problems, far better than any formula or one size fits all program. Her empathy and understanding makes you feel instantly like you are not alone… as does her ability to explore so many different facets of your life for areas that could improve.

Kate McCormack

Kate McCormack

The advice Glenda gives is practical and worked exceptionally well for me. Glenda is very warm, compassionate and knowledgeable and she gave me plenty of simple steps to action. I feel better and I feel confident that I can continue to implement her strategies.

Sandra Muller

Silk Interiors

Before speaking to Glenda I felt overwhelmed with all the fad diets that were unrealistic with my busy schedule of being a mother of 2 and manager of our family business. She was the perfect sounding board for the issues I faced to be healthy and provided some great easy and healthy tips that I was able to incorporate in my day. It’s refreshing to speak to someone that is qualified with practical and engaging advice.

Brandi Straka

Straka Style

The Healthy Stories Manifesto

Healthy can be easy and doesn’t require loads of work, time or money.

Guilt and shame should never be used to encourage you towards better health.

The number on the scales doesn’t define your health or your worth.

Restrictions are unhelpful and shouldn’t be endured without a solid medical reason.

Evidence-based and qualified advice is always the best starting point.

Compassionate support and understanding makes everything better.

Your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical health.

Asking for help when you’re overwhelmed, anxious or confused is not a sign of weakness.

Creating new healthy habits may take time but is always worthwhile.

Regardless of where you’re starting from, small changes will improve your health.

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