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What is Healthy Stories all about?

Healthy eating should be easy, and it is something that everyone can achieve. I want to show you how you can make small changes so that healthy eating is easier for you. When these changes become a part of your daily life, your health will improve and you will be less susceptible to illness.

My mission is to show you that healthy food tastes really good, doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and can be really quick and easy to prepare.

Hi there. I’m Dr Glenda Bishop, a Registered Nutritionist, neuroscientist and qualified personal trainer. I believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard. But there’s so much conflicting information about nutrition and healthy eating, that you almost need a nutrition degree to sort out the facts from the fiction. That’s why I want to help you.

As a Registered Nutritionist, I have the expertise to understand the science of nutrition and how food affects you. So let me decipher the nutrition science for you and help you to find a way to customise a healthy eating framework to suit your needs.

As a nutritional neuroscientist, I’m also fascinated by how everything that you eat affects the functioning of your brain. The other side of the story is understanding how your brain, and your thoughts and desires, affects your food choices. This is especially important when you are under stress or are anxious about the food that you eat.

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Here’s what other people have to say

“Glenda is knowledgeable and approachable and makes the idea of even small lifestyle/health changes seem easy to do. Her recipes are interesting and colourful and make me want to head to the store to buy ingredients!” Siobhan Blake

“I know Glenda is the go-to person when I need nutritional advice, which is clear and accurate. Glenda always cuts through the hype and provides a sensible strategy to nutrition, which are tips for a lifetime and not a passing phase.” Cassandra Mackay, This is Wellbeing (http://www.thisiswellbeing.com.au/)

“Glenda is passionate about healthy eating. She firmly believes that selecting, preparing and cooking nutritious food should be easy. Glenda provides straightforward nutrition information, creative, healthy recipes, and practical cooking tips to use in everyday life.” Simara King

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